Course Description

Subnetting is one of the most difficult topics to learn for anyone new to networking. It is required for deployment, troubleshooting, and network design. You will learn a methodology that is easy to follow and explains how subnetting really works. You will be able to subnet anything with a subnetting table and subnet intuitively.

  • Learn how to subnet in minutes with an easier practical approach
  • Essential for network administrators and all certification students
  • Get hands-on CLI configuration experience with Packet Tracer lab
  • Downloadable IP addressing and subnetting eBook is included

This course explains subnetting with common examples that make it easy to understand. There are real-world practical examples for all IPv4 address classes. Learn how to segment your network with subnet domains. This course is essential for Cisco certification students, Network+, and CCNA support engineers.

  • Binary conversion
  • Fixed length subnet masks
  • Variable length subnet masks
  • IPv4 standard address classes
  • Class C address examples
  • Class B address examples
  • Class A address examples

Course Content

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